Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why I named my blog "Journey of my Dreams"

Ever since I was 3 yrs. old, I wanted to be a mommy. I remember being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, and my answer was ALWAYS, a mommy. I didn't want to be a doctor, or a veterinarian, or a teacher. I just wanted to be a mommy. I used to dress my baby dolls and nurse them all day long. I used to dress my cat up in doll clothes and swaddle him in blankets and put him for naps. I would play mommy, in any spare time I had. When I was 5 yrs. old, my baby sister was born. I was just over the moon! My very own baby!!! I remember rocking my baby sister to sleep often. I helped my mom a lot. I loved it! She didn't have to ask me, I was right there, like her shadow. When my baby sister got old enough, I bathed her on my own, fed her, dressed her, did her hair, read to her.......all day long. I taught my sister to read when she was THREE yrs. old. By the time she went to kindergarten, she could read anything! She could count to infinity, tie her shoes, etc. The teacher commended my mom, and said that it's evident she spends ALOT of time with her. My mom said, actually my older daughter, has taught her everything. I just loved it. To see my sister succeed at something and know that I helped her do it. It was so fulfilling! I used to play school with my sister. From the time she was 3 yrd old, until she was old enough to not like it anymore. I would spend HOURS every couple days, thinking up art projects, making spelling tests, math quizes, etc. I must say I was a pretty good teacher. lol My sister loved it. Until she got in to higher grades and started getting homework. Then it became less fun. I remember one time, my sister was riding her bike outside. I pushed her bike over gently, so that she would get an owwie. I sooooo badly wanted to fix an owwie on her, and make her feel better. She cut her knee. I carried her inside and cleaned her up and bandaged her and gave her cuddles and hugs. I felt horrible for actually making her get a cut. We laugh about this now, but gosh, not very nice. lol I just ALWAYS wanted to be a mommy. I am sooo thankful that I am living my dream now. I have 2 gorgeous children and they just make me feel soooo complete. I am such a lucky girl. Not everyone has their dreams come true. I look forward to you following me in the journey of my dreams.


Choofy Mama said...

aww what a beautiful and appropriate name. ITA with you-my childhood was just like yours and my gram watched all my cousins (each 3 years apart-so meagan is 3yrs younger than me, tommy is 6yrs younger than me, nick is 9yrs younger than me, matt is 12yrs younger than me, and then johnny is 13yrs younger than me, the freak broke the 3yr mold LOL)

anyway, and i just LOVED mothering them all and being their "big sister", she watched them 7-5 m-f. i loved it!

Summer said...

Oh wow, too cool! So how old would you have been, in that equation?

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