Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why are toilets so tempting?

I swear if the bathroom door is left open, Kyler has this magnetic force in him, that instantly draws him to the toilet. He just has a gay ol' time, splashing around in it, throwing papers and goodies in it, licking his hands after dipping them in, etc.

Today I was dying hair. When the dye was ready to be washed out, I got in the shower and let Kyler watch me, until the dye was all out. Then he could join me. I could see him the entire time, so I knew he wasn't in to trouble. However, the MINUTE I closed my eyes to wash my face, the stinker bee lined for the pot. I opened my eyes and he was gone. I knew what he was doing! Only I wasn't prepared for what he was ACTUALLY doing! I peek out of the shower curtain and he is CLIMBING in the toilet! CLIMBING in it! He had one leg all the way in and was trying to hoist the other leg in. Holy Mylanta! I jumped out of the shower, faster than you'd imagine and grabbed him and plopped him in the shower. I undressed him and washed him off. Boys!

Occasionally, Kenya forgets to flush the potty, after going #2. Thank goodness, this was NOT one of those times. There are many things I want my boy to accomplish in life. Turd surfing, is NOT one of them!


Catherine said...

Oh my gosh Jack does the same thing! I have to watch him like a hawk! What is up with boys and gross stuff like that?

Just to really gross you out, once I caught Jack tossing his pacifier in a toilet Hannah had forgotten to flush. Gag me. He was mad I wouldn't just let him have it back to stick right back in his mouth! Bleh!

Summer said...

I know hey? I swear boys are just DRAWN to yuk stuff. lol And omg about Jack! lol Thank GOODNESS he did not suck on that pacifier after. *shudder*

Brittany (your baby sis) said...

Ew! What a little stinker!

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