Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday's To Do List

I am a list type of girl. I love writing a list and crossing things off. I just feel accountable and I feel so accomplished when I can look at the list, afterwards. Here is what I hope to get done today:

1) Shower with Ky - done
2) Tidy kitchen - done
3) Sweep floors - done
4) Wash and change kid's bed sheets - done
5) Go to consignment stores and pick up money from both - done $85.00 yay!!!
6) Go to Walmart and get a couple things - done
7) Take Kenya to preschool - done
8) Put dinner in crock pot - done
9) Nap when Kyler naps (in PEACE, yay!) - didn't get a nap, too much to do.
10) Pick up Kenya - done
11) RELAX!
12) Feed IL's cat - done

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