Thursday, November 20, 2008

Got my newborn fix

The kid's and I went to a baby shower for a friend, this afternoon. She had a baby girl 5 weeks ago. She is already 11 lbs and she looked soooo tiny to me. Man, you forget just how little they are. I know it's so cliche to say that, but it's true!

Everyone was holding the baby and she was fussing and crying. I asked my friend if she minded if I held her. The baby instantly stopped crying when I did my magical bounce/sway thing. tee hee. I pride myself, in that I can settle ANY baby. I have a knack and I'm not shy to say it. It's my specialty. Babies. Mmmmm. She laid in my arms and just stared in to my eyes, until her eyes got heavy. Then she slept. And slept. I was just gushing in newborn beauty. Omg. My uterus twitched. It did. I won't deny it. I didn't want to give her up. Ever. Only, a certain little boy noticed I was gushing on her, and needed me NOW. I think that little boy, was quite jealous. So, I had to pass the baby on, and she cried for the next person. tee hee.

I miss my newborns. *sigh* Kyler was sooooo concerned when the baby was crying. He was pointing and and frowning and just totally sad for her. So sweet. As long as mommy wasn't loving on the baby, he loved her too.

After the baby shower, we came home and ate dinner and I took Kenya to her second swimming lesson class. I am soooo proud of her. She is doing so good! She was so nervous to go to the first class and she just aced it. Tonight was even better. She was jumping in the water, to the teacher and putting her face under water. She would never do that for us, unless she had on a life jacket and water wings and a floaty get the idea. It made my heart happy, to see her overcoming her fear of water. Yay Kenya! I took pictures at her first class on Tuesday. I will post some tomorrow.

After Kenya's class, we went shopping for 1/2 hr. I got another hoodie. I was sooooo sad about my bleach mishap (see a couple posts down), that I needed another one. It's the most comfy, cute hoodie I have ever found and I was S.A.D. So I got another one, the exact same style except it's grey. Super cute too. You can be sure I will be guarding it with my life. lol I still wore the bleach mishap one today. No one said anything or gave me any odd looks. That's a good thing, right? lol It's not THAT bad but it's definitely like ummm....interesting.

Tomorrow, Kenya has preschool in the afternoon. Not much else is planned. I like that for once. I am going to either relax or NAP. We'll see how tonight goes with Kyler.

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Cajunrose said...

YAY! Go Kenya! I loved it when Raelee learned to do all of that in swimming. I'm impressed that you guys have indoor swimming area's...not here!

Oh yeah...and I don't think I have one item of clothes without bleach stains.

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