Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He did NOT!

Oh my! You DO.NOT.EVER.EAT.A.WOMAN'S.CHOCOLATE.BAR!!! Especially, a woman who has af! Ya, dh is at the store right now, buying me another chocolate bar. LOL!


Choofy Mama said...

OMG! evil! LOL!

what kind of chocolate bar? i am loving this one kind i can't remember (some random organic kind) and i'm not a big chocolate bar fan, it is espresso beans in it though, mmm.

Summer said...

LMAO! It was "just" a Twix bar but do you KNOW how much I wanted it AT THAT MOMENT!? Omg, I was seeing red. LMAO! He's all, I thought it was for me, it's my fave chocolate bar. Well, umm....if it's hidden behind things in the pantry and I didn't GIVE it to you, it is NOT yours. Oh gosh...I'm so lame.

And OMG I got a green and blacks organic chocolate bar the other day. Ya, I about died. I seen it on Andrea's blog and had to try it. It was like $4 but OMG to DIE for! If Rob had eaten that one, he woulda been annoyed. lol $4!!

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