Monday, November 17, 2008

Boy's are wild!

Man, the difference between a boy and girl, is just incredibly different. lol Well, between MY boy and girl, anyways. Kyler is just a totally fearless daredevil. The dirtier that boy gets, the better. He's so hilariously fun but man, some days are just so BUSY!!!

Today was a particularly busy day. First, it consisted of tasting his urine. He had just gotten out of the bath and peed on the bathroom floor, while I was washing Kenya's hair. I look over and he's bent down, licking his urine, like a cat. It looked like this:

He made a really raunchy face. Wonder why. *eye roll* Then he ran to his sister's room, while I was finishing with Kenya. I went in and he had peed on her area rug. Sweet! He looked at me like, ummmm oops. I got him dressed and got Kenya from the tub. I hear liquid falling on the floor. Kyler got ahold of Kenya's cup and was trying to take a drink. Only we wore the entire glass of milk. I get him and the floor cleaned up, change Kyler again and get Kenya dressed. I go and brush my hair and hear Kyler scream. I go in and his face is blue. He has a lump and bruise on his head. Kenya said he was trying to skateboard on his ride on bike, and fell on the corner of the computer tower. I cuddle him up and make him feel better. I proceed to get dressed and hear the kitchen chair being moved across the floor. This is never a good thing. Ever. I run in the kitchen and Kyler is reaching for the bread knife I left high up on the counter.

All this occured before noon. This boy is going to give me grey hairs! Oh my! I remember Kenya being busy, but not THIS busy!! ANd he hurts himself ALL the time! I am surprised we have dodged stitches so far!

He's asleep on me now. I am going to lay him in his crib and enjoy some sitting on my rear. lol Maybe Kenya and I will color some, too.


Choofy Mama said...

is this what i have to look forward to? i think being married to keith has prepared me, LMAO!!!!

Summer said...

LMAO!!! I agree, I WAS somewhat prepared! lol

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