Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cool giveaway!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Enter to win a free t-shirt!

My very good friend, Michelle, is doing a giveaway on her blog. Go check it out!!!! I adore her shirts for my kid's. Kyler's got the "fearless" one and Kenya had many as a baby.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

My heart is so happy

Friday when I picked up Kenya from preschool, one of her teachers stopped me to talk to me. She told me, "I just had to tell you, what a JOY it is to have Kenya in this class. She is so well behaved, smart and polite. She makes friends so easily. We just love her." Wow! I said thanks, and wanted to give her a huge hug. lol Way to make a mama overflow with pride and happiness. My little girl just exudes Kenya-ness, everywhere she goes. She's such a delight!

I also am just soooo very proud of her, for overcoming her fear of water. Before starting her swimming lessons, she wouldn't go in a pool, unless she had a death grip on Daddy or my neck. She is doing SO well at her swimming lessons. Her last lesson, she even floated on her back UNASSISTED (with a noodle). I literally teared up! TWICE! Seeing her overcome this fear, is just monumental to both her and me. I am so very proud of her.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Attention Hog

My little man loves attention. One thing in particular that he needs everyone's FULL undivided attention for, is dancing. If he is dancing, you MUST keep your eyes on him and tell him how good he is, the entire time. If anyone in the room looks away, he shrieks and dramatically tells you you better not look away again. It's quite funny! He dances by twirling in circles. He seen his sister do this once and that's how he dances now. It's so cute. He gets so dizzy sometimes, that he crashes in to things and looks drunk. lol

Here's a little video of him dancing and when he shrieks, is when I have looked away. ;)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Handsome Boy

Babies in jammies, are just the CUTEST thing! So cuddly and warm and goshness....he's way too cute.
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Hmmm Could I Be God for Just One Day?

Why can't there just be an on/off switch on a guy's peener. I mean, so that you could turn the sperm on or off. It makes perfect sense! You don't wanna get pregnant, the sperm's hibernate. You want to get pregnant and you let the flood gates release. Makes sense to me. Hrm...if only I could be God for ONE day, I would change that. ;)

I am SO sick of trying to come up with a method of birth control. It's way too complicated and NOTHING is right for me. I guess we'll keep using the method we are using and pray for the best. lol

Little Fishy

Kenya has her third swimming lesson tonight. I'm so excited to see what she learns tonight. She is doing sooooo well and I am very proud of her, for starting to overcome her fear of being in the water, without gripping one of our necks TIGHT. She is having so much fun and I just knew she could do it. Here is some pics of my little fishy, the night of her very first class. Tell me she doesn't just have the cutest little bum EVER!? hee hee

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Wow! This looks like the same kid, huh?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Crockpot Cooking

I am TOTALLY enjoying using my crockpot the past few weeks. OMG! I forgot just how much better, meat is in the crockpot. I don't think I will ever want to cook meat in the oven again! Fall of the bone chicken, pork so tender you hardly have to chew it, succulent, juicy ham. Mmm! I love this thing! Best $30 I ever spent!

I have a pork roast in there right now. It's cooking away, in white wine and onion soup mix. Divine! That's how my house smells!!! I've got carrots in there also, and onions. I will make pasta, and we'll put the broth over it. Mmmm!!! Can hardly wait to try it! It's been cooking for 6 hrs now. The longer you cook meat (low setting), the more tender it is. Rob's humping my crockpot also. lol

If you do't have a crockpot, you should. If you do have one, you best dig it out. This thing is da bomb!

P.S. How long can one survive on 2-3 hrs of sleep a night? Just wonderin'...
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