Saturday, November 29, 2008

My heart is so happy

Friday when I picked up Kenya from preschool, one of her teachers stopped me to talk to me. She told me, "I just had to tell you, what a JOY it is to have Kenya in this class. She is so well behaved, smart and polite. She makes friends so easily. We just love her." Wow! I said thanks, and wanted to give her a huge hug. lol Way to make a mama overflow with pride and happiness. My little girl just exudes Kenya-ness, everywhere she goes. She's such a delight!

I also am just soooo very proud of her, for overcoming her fear of water. Before starting her swimming lessons, she wouldn't go in a pool, unless she had a death grip on Daddy or my neck. She is doing SO well at her swimming lessons. Her last lesson, she even floated on her back UNASSISTED (with a noodle). I literally teared up! TWICE! Seeing her overcome this fear, is just monumental to both her and me. I am so very proud of her.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Attention Hog

My little man loves attention. One thing in particular that he needs everyone's FULL undivided attention for, is dancing. If he is dancing, you MUST keep your eyes on him and tell him how good he is, the entire time. If anyone in the room looks away, he shrieks and dramatically tells you you better not look away again. It's quite funny! He dances by twirling in circles. He seen his sister do this once and that's how he dances now. It's so cute. He gets so dizzy sometimes, that he crashes in to things and looks drunk. lol

Here's a little video of him dancing and when he shrieks, is when I have looked away. ;)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Handsome Boy

Babies in jammies, are just the CUTEST thing! So cuddly and warm and goshness....he's way too cute.
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Hmmm Could I Be God for Just One Day?

Why can't there just be an on/off switch on a guy's peener. I mean, so that you could turn the sperm on or off. It makes perfect sense! You don't wanna get pregnant, the sperm's hibernate. You want to get pregnant and you let the flood gates release. Makes sense to me. Hrm...if only I could be God for ONE day, I would change that. ;)

I am SO sick of trying to come up with a method of birth control. It's way too complicated and NOTHING is right for me. I guess we'll keep using the method we are using and pray for the best. lol

Little Fishy

Kenya has her third swimming lesson tonight. I'm so excited to see what she learns tonight. She is doing sooooo well and I am very proud of her, for starting to overcome her fear of being in the water, without gripping one of our necks TIGHT. She is having so much fun and I just knew she could do it. Here is some pics of my little fishy, the night of her very first class. Tell me she doesn't just have the cutest little bum EVER!? hee hee

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Wow! This looks like the same kid, huh?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Crockpot Cooking

I am TOTALLY enjoying using my crockpot the past few weeks. OMG! I forgot just how much better, meat is in the crockpot. I don't think I will ever want to cook meat in the oven again! Fall of the bone chicken, pork so tender you hardly have to chew it, succulent, juicy ham. Mmm! I love this thing! Best $30 I ever spent!

I have a pork roast in there right now. It's cooking away, in white wine and onion soup mix. Divine! That's how my house smells!!! I've got carrots in there also, and onions. I will make pasta, and we'll put the broth over it. Mmmm!!! Can hardly wait to try it! It's been cooking for 6 hrs now. The longer you cook meat (low setting), the more tender it is. Rob's humping my crockpot also. lol

If you do't have a crockpot, you should. If you do have one, you best dig it out. This thing is da bomb!

P.S. How long can one survive on 2-3 hrs of sleep a night? Just wonderin'...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Got my newborn fix

The kid's and I went to a baby shower for a friend, this afternoon. She had a baby girl 5 weeks ago. She is already 11 lbs and she looked soooo tiny to me. Man, you forget just how little they are. I know it's so cliche to say that, but it's true!

Everyone was holding the baby and she was fussing and crying. I asked my friend if she minded if I held her. The baby instantly stopped crying when I did my magical bounce/sway thing. tee hee. I pride myself, in that I can settle ANY baby. I have a knack and I'm not shy to say it. It's my specialty. Babies. Mmmmm. She laid in my arms and just stared in to my eyes, until her eyes got heavy. Then she slept. And slept. I was just gushing in newborn beauty. Omg. My uterus twitched. It did. I won't deny it. I didn't want to give her up. Ever. Only, a certain little boy noticed I was gushing on her, and needed me NOW. I think that little boy, was quite jealous. So, I had to pass the baby on, and she cried for the next person. tee hee.

I miss my newborns. *sigh* Kyler was sooooo concerned when the baby was crying. He was pointing and and frowning and just totally sad for her. So sweet. As long as mommy wasn't loving on the baby, he loved her too.

After the baby shower, we came home and ate dinner and I took Kenya to her second swimming lesson class. I am soooo proud of her. She is doing so good! She was so nervous to go to the first class and she just aced it. Tonight was even better. She was jumping in the water, to the teacher and putting her face under water. She would never do that for us, unless she had on a life jacket and water wings and a floaty get the idea. It made my heart happy, to see her overcoming her fear of water. Yay Kenya! I took pictures at her first class on Tuesday. I will post some tomorrow.

After Kenya's class, we went shopping for 1/2 hr. I got another hoodie. I was sooooo sad about my bleach mishap (see a couple posts down), that I needed another one. It's the most comfy, cute hoodie I have ever found and I was S.A.D. So I got another one, the exact same style except it's grey. Super cute too. You can be sure I will be guarding it with my life. lol I still wore the bleach mishap one today. No one said anything or gave me any odd looks. That's a good thing, right? lol It's not THAT bad but it's definitely like ummm....interesting.

Tomorrow, Kenya has preschool in the afternoon. Not much else is planned. I like that for once. I am going to either relax or NAP. We'll see how tonight goes with Kyler.

Why are toilets so tempting?

I swear if the bathroom door is left open, Kyler has this magnetic force in him, that instantly draws him to the toilet. He just has a gay ol' time, splashing around in it, throwing papers and goodies in it, licking his hands after dipping them in, etc.

Today I was dying hair. When the dye was ready to be washed out, I got in the shower and let Kyler watch me, until the dye was all out. Then he could join me. I could see him the entire time, so I knew he wasn't in to trouble. However, the MINUTE I closed my eyes to wash my face, the stinker bee lined for the pot. I opened my eyes and he was gone. I knew what he was doing! Only I wasn't prepared for what he was ACTUALLY doing! I peek out of the shower curtain and he is CLIMBING in the toilet! CLIMBING in it! He had one leg all the way in and was trying to hoist the other leg in. Holy Mylanta! I jumped out of the shower, faster than you'd imagine and grabbed him and plopped him in the shower. I undressed him and washed him off. Boys!

Occasionally, Kenya forgets to flush the potty, after going #2. Thank goodness, this was NOT one of those times. There are many things I want my boy to accomplish in life. Turd surfing, is NOT one of them!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bleach Attack

Why oh WHY, must ONLY my very favorite clothes get ruined? WHY!? It can NEVER be some shirt I laze around in, or some pants that are fugly but comfy. It never fails!

I was doing laundry this afternoon. I just put one load in and there was another load below the washer, waiting for it's turn. I have a front loader. I put the soap in the dispenser. Then I proceed to get the bleach and pour a tiny bit in to the bleach cap, to pour in to the bleach dispenser. Kyler was wanting up and pulled on my legs JUST as I was pouring the bleach in. Half of the capful of bleach landed on my BRAND NEW, favorite hoodie. It could NOT have landed on the towels that were all AROUND my hoodie. It could not have landed on Rob's smelly underwear, or socks. Nope, it gravitated right on to the arm and front of my new, favorite article of clothing. I might have said a bad word or two. MIGHT have. Then I just threw it in the washer, hoping it may wash out. lol Ya right.

I pulled it out of the washer and about cried. My cute khaki green (ROXY might I add!) hoodie, now has pink blothes on it. I'm so angry about it. It's this kind of thing that REALLY peeves me off! I'll still wear it but it ain't gonna be cute anymore. :( Dinkwad bleach!!!!!

It was this hoodie. Mind the face, I felt ugly that day. lol Ohhhh, I just realized that the splotches match the inside pink on the hoodie, exactly. Maybe I *can* pull this off. ROFL!

He did NOT!

Oh my! You DO.NOT.EVER.EAT.A.WOMAN'S.CHOCOLATE.BAR!!! Especially, a woman who has af! Ya, dh is at the store right now, buying me another chocolate bar. LOL!

How do you like my new layout?

Two of my wonderful friends helped me out with this. Isn't it beautiful!!!?? Do check out Lyndsey at DragonFlyLily she does AMAZING work. I have seen lots of it and she's mega talented and so fun to work with for web design etc. She didn't make the actual layout for me but she did my header and helped me with setting things up. She's so darn smart. lol And Kellie, thanks for tweaking things for me!

Wednesday's To Do List

I am a list type of girl. I love writing a list and crossing things off. I just feel accountable and I feel so accomplished when I can look at the list, afterwards. Here is what I hope to get done today:

1) Shower with Ky - done
2) Tidy kitchen - done
3) Sweep floors - done
4) Wash and change kid's bed sheets - done
5) Go to consignment stores and pick up money from both - done $85.00 yay!!!
6) Go to Walmart and get a couple things - done
7) Take Kenya to preschool - done
8) Put dinner in crock pot - done
9) Nap when Kyler naps (in PEACE, yay!) - didn't get a nap, too much to do.
10) Pick up Kenya - done
11) RELAX!
12) Feed IL's cat - done

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Kyler was laughing really loud tonight when I had just put Kenya to bed. I said, "We need to be quiet. Your sister is sleeping." He put his finger to his mouth and said "shhhhh!" Too funny! I did it again later and he did the same thing. LMAO! Funny boy! They pick up on EVERYTHING don't they?

So much for a nap

I laid down at 1:30 when Kyler went for a nap. It took me half an hour to turn my head off and fall asleep. Just when I fall asleep, Kenya comes and wakes me, needing help with her computer game. It takes me half an hour to fall the heck asleep again, and I hear "Pssst, Summer! Psssst, Summer! Pssssssssssssssssssst! Summer!" in a loud whisper. Kenya wanted to know if she could have a cheese string. I just had to laugh. I swear. Somedays, all you can do its laugh. So, it's 3:45 and Kyler is sleeping and I am NOT! Oy!!!!! Please pray I get some sleep tonight. I am not doing too hot. Rob will be home at 4:30 and I am going to Starbuck's to get a big FAT chai latte. I need a pick-me-up. Then I need to go to Walmart for a few things, and I am gonna pick up something fast for dinner. I am NOT making an extravagant dinner tonight (forgot in my sleep deprived state, to start the crock pot, ugh!). I also gotta get some more child lock's. This boy is nuts. lol


That's what I was getting out of bed this morning. I LITERALLY could NOT move. I was trying so hard. I just couldn't move. So, I closed my bedroom door and Kyler played for a bit. Maybe 20 mins. Then Kenya woke and I had no choice, I had to find it in me to MOVE. The kid's were hungry.

Last night was a really bad night. Kyler is cutting his two bottom eye teeth. I can see them JUST starting to poke through this morning. He slept with us, as he wouldn't go in his crib (very unusual for him!). He tossed and turned and was just having a horrible sleep. He nursed alot. He tried so hard to sleep but just couldn't. I felt so horrible for him. It's not his fault. I wish I could take his pain on myself. Basically, I got 2 hrs of sleep MAYBE, all together. I am just winded. I feel drunk. Yesterday I was tired also, as he hasn't slept well since getting these eye teeth, but wow, today.....MUCH WORSE.

Anyway, no point in complaining really. I hope I can take a little nap today. I am praying that Kyler will get a few months break, once these bottom eye teeth come in. He'll have 16 teeth when they are fully in. All he'll still need for baby teeth, is his 2nd set o f molars and those typically come in at 20-24 months. SO he MIGHT just get a couple months break. Something he hasn't had in a YEAR! Poor kid. Teething is very rough for some babies.

Today is gorgeous out. Just beautiful. The sun is shining and I so badly wish I was alive with energy. I am going to try and make it a good day anyways. I think I will take the kid's for a walk later. Kenya has her very first swimming lesson tonight. I am so excited for her. I hope she doesn't get too scared. Daddy and brother are going to come and watch too. We'll all be there to cheer her on. I will take pics. ;)

Other than that, I won't be doing much today. I have some laundry to do and that's about it. The rest of the house is clean. Thank GOODNESS! When Kyler goes for his nap, I am putting dinner in the crockpot and laying down.

What's on your agenda today?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kyler's first art!

He did so well. I am so proud. :)

Boy's are wild!

Man, the difference between a boy and girl, is just incredibly different. lol Well, between MY boy and girl, anyways. Kyler is just a totally fearless daredevil. The dirtier that boy gets, the better. He's so hilariously fun but man, some days are just so BUSY!!!

Today was a particularly busy day. First, it consisted of tasting his urine. He had just gotten out of the bath and peed on the bathroom floor, while I was washing Kenya's hair. I look over and he's bent down, licking his urine, like a cat. It looked like this:

He made a really raunchy face. Wonder why. *eye roll* Then he ran to his sister's room, while I was finishing with Kenya. I went in and he had peed on her area rug. Sweet! He looked at me like, ummmm oops. I got him dressed and got Kenya from the tub. I hear liquid falling on the floor. Kyler got ahold of Kenya's cup and was trying to take a drink. Only we wore the entire glass of milk. I get him and the floor cleaned up, change Kyler again and get Kenya dressed. I go and brush my hair and hear Kyler scream. I go in and his face is blue. He has a lump and bruise on his head. Kenya said he was trying to skateboard on his ride on bike, and fell on the corner of the computer tower. I cuddle him up and make him feel better. I proceed to get dressed and hear the kitchen chair being moved across the floor. This is never a good thing. Ever. I run in the kitchen and Kyler is reaching for the bread knife I left high up on the counter.

All this occured before noon. This boy is going to give me grey hairs! Oh my! I remember Kenya being busy, but not THIS busy!! ANd he hurts himself ALL the time! I am surprised we have dodged stitches so far!

He's asleep on me now. I am going to lay him in his crib and enjoy some sitting on my rear. lol Maybe Kenya and I will color some, too.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I cut my boy's hair today!

He got his very first REAL haircut today. I cut his hair in the summer, but I only trimmed around his ears and the back at his hairline. He looks soooo cute. I gave him a little spikey do. Gosh I love that kid. He's so damn cute! I used scissors on the whole thing.

Why I named my blog "Journey of my Dreams"

Ever since I was 3 yrs. old, I wanted to be a mommy. I remember being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, and my answer was ALWAYS, a mommy. I didn't want to be a doctor, or a veterinarian, or a teacher. I just wanted to be a mommy. I used to dress my baby dolls and nurse them all day long. I used to dress my cat up in doll clothes and swaddle him in blankets and put him for naps. I would play mommy, in any spare time I had. When I was 5 yrs. old, my baby sister was born. I was just over the moon! My very own baby!!! I remember rocking my baby sister to sleep often. I helped my mom a lot. I loved it! She didn't have to ask me, I was right there, like her shadow. When my baby sister got old enough, I bathed her on my own, fed her, dressed her, did her hair, read to her.......all day long. I taught my sister to read when she was THREE yrs. old. By the time she went to kindergarten, she could read anything! She could count to infinity, tie her shoes, etc. The teacher commended my mom, and said that it's evident she spends ALOT of time with her. My mom said, actually my older daughter, has taught her everything. I just loved it. To see my sister succeed at something and know that I helped her do it. It was so fulfilling! I used to play school with my sister. From the time she was 3 yrd old, until she was old enough to not like it anymore. I would spend HOURS every couple days, thinking up art projects, making spelling tests, math quizes, etc. I must say I was a pretty good teacher. lol My sister loved it. Until she got in to higher grades and started getting homework. Then it became less fun. I remember one time, my sister was riding her bike outside. I pushed her bike over gently, so that she would get an owwie. I sooooo badly wanted to fix an owwie on her, and make her feel better. She cut her knee. I carried her inside and cleaned her up and bandaged her and gave her cuddles and hugs. I felt horrible for actually making her get a cut. We laugh about this now, but gosh, not very nice. lol I just ALWAYS wanted to be a mommy. I am sooo thankful that I am living my dream now. I have 2 gorgeous children and they just make me feel soooo complete. I am such a lucky girl. Not everyone has their dreams come true. I look forward to you following me in the journey of my dreams.
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