Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bleach Attack

Why oh WHY, must ONLY my very favorite clothes get ruined? WHY!? It can NEVER be some shirt I laze around in, or some pants that are fugly but comfy. It never fails!

I was doing laundry this afternoon. I just put one load in and there was another load below the washer, waiting for it's turn. I have a front loader. I put the soap in the dispenser. Then I proceed to get the bleach and pour a tiny bit in to the bleach cap, to pour in to the bleach dispenser. Kyler was wanting up and pulled on my legs JUST as I was pouring the bleach in. Half of the capful of bleach landed on my BRAND NEW, favorite hoodie. It could NOT have landed on the towels that were all AROUND my hoodie. It could not have landed on Rob's smelly underwear, or socks. Nope, it gravitated right on to the arm and front of my new, favorite article of clothing. I might have said a bad word or two. MIGHT have. Then I just threw it in the washer, hoping it may wash out. lol Ya right.

I pulled it out of the washer and about cried. My cute khaki green (ROXY might I add!) hoodie, now has pink blothes on it. I'm so angry about it. It's this kind of thing that REALLY peeves me off! I'll still wear it but it ain't gonna be cute anymore. :( Dinkwad bleach!!!!!

It was this hoodie. Mind the face, I felt ugly that day. lol Ohhhh, I just realized that the splotches match the inside pink on the hoodie, exactly. Maybe I *can* pull this off. ROFL!

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Brittany (your baby sis) said...

Dang Orangutan! That totally sucks! You JUST bought that hoodie! :o(

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